Company Settings

This collection of help docs is here to help the Company User with setting up their branded invitations for optimal results.

How YAY-List Works (Quick Video Intro 📽)

Timeline of how YAY-List works: ONE-TIME SETUP You add your company details , and add your logo and branding You create one or many invitation templates ONGOING You give your clients access to your branded party invitations NOW, YOUR CLIENTS ...

Update Your Company Information

Updating your company contact information, address, website and more, for use on your branded party invitations

Add your logo, colors, and branding

Customize YAY-List to use your company logo, colors, preferred fonts and more on your branded party invitations

Create and design your company invitation templates

This article walks you through the steps you need to take to set up your company invitations. It only takes a few minutes!

Manage your invitation templates

Activate, deactivate, delete, reorder your invitation templates

Give your clients access to use your invitation templates

If you don’t invite any clients to use your invitations, then what are you using YAY-List for?  The good news is that giving your clients is REALLY EASY!  Here we go… There are THREE methods to give your clients access to your branded invitations:...

Collect Leads From Your Invitations

Turn your client's guest list into your marketing list with the Lead Collection feature

Present Special Offers To Party Guests

Include a special offer (with a link) on the Thank You note sent by the Party Host to their Guests

Install your Facebook / Meta Pixel for Remarketing

How-to add your Facebook / Meta Pixel

View and Export Your Leads

To view and export the leads you've collected from your branded party invitations, follow these steps: STEP 1: Click “Leads” in the sidebar menu STEP 2: View your leads in the table STEP 3: Click the “Export as CSV” button to download your full li...

View Current and Past Parties

To view a list of your current and/or past parties follow these steps... Step 1: Click "View Current Parties" or "View Past Parties" from the main menu Step 2: Review the details on this page On these pages you'll see a list of your parties, with ...

Manage Party Hosts

On the Manage Party Hosts page you can: See a full list of all Party Hosts associated with your account See how many current (active) and past parties they have invitations for with your company Re-send them the email that provides access to your ...

Create Animated Invitation Templates

This article shows you how to use animated GIFs to create invitation templates that move!

Add or Manage Company Users

As the old saying goes many hands make light work, so why not invite other members of your team to help you manage your YAY-List account.  It’s simple to do and you’ll be able to control what they can or can’t do within your account! So here’s how...

Understand Your Stats

The article gives you a rundown of the info you can find on your Stats Dashboard, so you can proceed with confidence!

Integration: Zapier and YAY-List

In this article we cover: 1. What does the YAY-List / Zapier integration do? 2. How to set up the Zapier integration --- What does the YAY-List / Zapier integration do? As you know, with YAY-List, you can collect new leads from party guests as t...

Integration: Party Pro Manager

Party Pro Manager is an End-to-End Booking, Planning, Billing system for Party Entertainers. With this integration, Party Pro Manager can automatically share access to your invitations with your clients you've booked through their system.  PLUS, ...