This help article will walk you through how to update your company contact information, address, website and more, for use on your branded party invitations.

Step 1: Go to 'Company Details' in the left sidebar menu

Step 2: Update your information accordingly

Step 3: Choose what information you'd like to include on your invitations

Next to each key field, you'll see a checkbox.  

  • If the box is checked, that information will appear in the 'Company Details' section of your branded invitations.  
  • If the box is NOT checked, it will not appear on your invitations.

Step 4: (Optional) Add custom fields

If you'd like to add any custom information about your company, simply click the "+Add More" button.

  • Add a "Title" for this custom field
  • Add the "Content" for this custom field
  • Choose if this custom field should be included on your invitations (they will appear as new content blocks on the invitations, as seen below)




Step 5: Click "Continue" button to save your changes