In this article we cover:

1. What does the YAY-List / Zapier integration do?

2. How to set up the Zapier integration


What does the YAY-List / Zapier integration do?

As you know, with YAY-List, you can collect new leads from party guests as they RSVP to their event.  

With the YAY-List / Zapier integration, you can trigger powerful automations when a party guest opts into your marketing via your invitations.

YAY-List will send the new lead and relevant information to your Zapier account.  From Zapier, you can then automatically send the new leads information to 2000+ apps that Zapier already integrations with.

For example, you could send the new lead and their contact information over to the email marketing platform of your choice, like MailChimp.  This will automatically add the new contact as a subscriber to your mailing list.

Because Zapier already integrations with so many great tools, the possibilities are almost endless!

How-to set up the Zapier integration:

Step 1: Log into Zapier or Register your free account

Step 2: Create a new Zap in Zapier.  Learn more about creating Zaps here

  • When creating your new Zap, choose YAY-List as your "trigger app" 
  • You will be asked to authenticate your YAY-List account by providing: (1) Public ID, and (2) Private API Key.  You can access both of these on your Integrations page (Go to "Integrations" from the main menu)
  • Select any app you'd like to send your new lead to as your "action app"
  • Let Zapier know exactly what actions to take, then test and publish your Zap

Step 3:  Kick back and enjoy while YAY-List and Zapier do all the heavy lifting for you collecting leads and sending them over to the app of your choice!