Did you know that you could use YAY-List to collect leads from your Party Host’s guest list?!  

With the "Lead Collection" feature, you can collect leads and contact info from party guests as they reply with their status for a party they’ve been invited to.

Here's how to set it up...

STEP 1: Click on ‘Marketing Settings’ in the menu

STEP 2: Scroll to the "Lead Collection" section

STEP 3: Choose to turn your Lead Collection ON or OFF

STEP 4: Select your Lead Collection Type

  • Opt-Out: Party guests are added to your list by default, unless they opt-out
  • Opt-In: Party guests are neither opted in or out of your list by default and must choose their preference

note: consult your regional laws to be sure you are in compliance.

STEP 5: Customize your Lead Collection Question (Optional)

Add a Yes/No question to ask Party Guests if you can contact them in the future with marketing messages.

That’s all for Lead Collection!  Be sure to click the SAVE & CONTINUE button to save your changes 🙂

BONUS STEP: View and Export Your Collected Leads



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