To schedule an automated event reminder for your guests, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the event 'Options' screen

There are two ways you can access this page:

  • You will be automatically forwarded to this page after clicking the "Skip" button on the 'Invite Guests' page
  • You can come back to this page anytime by going to "Hosted Parties" in the main menu, then clicking on "View / Edit Event" for the event, and then click "Options" in the timeline menu for the event at the top of the page (see image below)

Step 2: Set Reminder Date and Recipients

  • Scroll to the "Automated Event Reminder" section
  • Choose your reminder date (by default this will be 1-week before the event date)
  • Choose the recipients by checking the checkbox for all groups that apply, your choices are:
    • Remind guests that "Are Attending"
    • Remind guests that are "Maybe Attending"
    • Remind guests that are "Not Attending"
    • Remind guests that have "Not Responded"

Step 3: Click "Save Changes"

NOTE: You can also send messages to your guests at any time using the Message Center