Ever wish you could target all of your clients party guests with those ads that seem to follow us around Facebook, Instagram, etc. anytime we look at a new product online?!

Well, with YAY-List, you can!!!  And, in this short training, we'll show you how to get it all set up!

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How to run ads that show to your party guests:

  1. Add your Facebook / Metal pixel to your YAY-List account (as per above video)
  2. Wait a little while for your number of 'pixeled contacts' to build (We recommend around 2-4 weeks, depending on how may parties you have)
  3. Create your "Audience" to target with your ads (Tips below)
  4. Create the actual ads and attach them to that audience (Tips below)

To create your Audience, here are the steps according to good people at Hootsuite...

  • Go to Audiences with your Ads Manager.
  • From the Create Audience dropdown, choose Custom Audience.
  • Under sources, click Website.
  • Choose your pixel.
  • Under Events, choose which types of visitors to target.
  • Name your audience and click Create audience.

To create your ads, it's best to follow the guidance from Facebook / Meta themselves :)  We've included a few helpful links below...

Helpful Links: