Whether you choose to invite your guests via email, text message, printed invitations, etc. you can track ALL of your guests replies in ONE PLACE 🙌

Here how...

Step 1: Access the "Track Event" page for your event

  • Go to "Hosted Parties" in the main menu
  • Click on "Track Event" for the event you'd like to track

Step 2: Review your guest list and the status of each guest

On this page you'll see:

  • A summary of how many guests will be: Attending, Maybe Attending, Not Attending, and No Reply
  • A list of all your guests that includes:
    • Guest Name
    • Email
    • Status
    • Total Invited
    • Total Confirmed

Summary of Statuses:

  • Attending
  • Maybe Attending
  • Not Attending
  • No Reply (sent) = Email invitation has been sent
  • No Reply (opened) = Email invitation has been opened
  • No Reply (viewed) = Guest has viewed their invitation page

Step 3: Manually update a guest and their status (optional)

Check out this help doc that shows you how to edit your guest and their status