STEP 1: Click on ‘Marketing Settings’ in the menu

STEP 2: Scroll to the "Special Offer" section

STEP 3: Add a link for your special offer

This can be a link to your main website, or if you want to get really fancy about things, you can create a page on your website specifically for people who get this offer and use that link!  (it must start with http:// or https://)

STEP 4: Add your special offer message

Examples include:

“Save $25 on a birthday party of your own!”

“Come visit us with a printed copy of this email and get free admission!”

“Thanks for partying with us! Have your party with us too and we’ll give you free lootbags! Use promo code ‘freeloot’!!! ”

STEP 5: Click ‘Save & Continue’ to save your changes